Old Age Transformation

Old Age Prosthetic Makeup ApplicationI’m often asked how much time or money an effect will be. I saw this video one day and felt it really shows how involved the process can be. At the end of the video the narrator explains this effect can cost upwards of $10,000. Yes this is true. However I do want to make it clear that while this entirely custom example of old age prosthetic makeup is absolutely the best way to go there are more affordable options such as; pre made foam latex or gelatin based prosthetics. These pre made items can be made to fit a wide range of generic faces and have a great effect (see my old age prosthetic example in my gallery). You can also reach an acceptable level simply through basic makeup techniques that would be perfectly suited to stage and halloween. If nothing else the video will at least give you a sense of the complexity of what goes into amazing makeup applications.


The 3rd Annual NJ Zombie Walk is less than 2 months away! We’re hard at work putting together an entire weekend of events for what we hope will be the largest gathering of zombies in history! That’s right, the Guinness Book of World Records has given us permission to make an attempt at breaking the current record set in Seattle, WA. That means we need every last corpse in the Tri-State area to JOIN US! The number to beat is 4,200; so we need your help spreading the infection to your family, friends, school, etc… bring everyone you know with you to the walk and help us get into the record books this Halloween Eve!
Visit www.njzombiewalk.com for more info.

Looking for some Halloween fun?

Still unsure what to do for some Halloween fun?

Asbury Park Zombie Walk hosting some fantastic festivities!
On Friday Mischief Night See the ZomBeatles play their hits suchs as “I wanna eat your hand”, “Eight brains a week” and “Hey Food” http://www.beeftone.com/zombeatles.html

On Saturday Halloween
The Showroom is hosting a horror marathon starting at 1:pm movies are “Last man on earth”, “Little shop of horrors”, “Night of the living dead” and “Colin” http://www.theshowroomap.com

Asbury Park Halloween Parade (Zombie Walk will march in the parade) at sunset 7pm – Thirller Dance by Asbury Park Dance and Yoga http://www.cityofasburypark.com/controls/NewsFeed.aspx?FeedID=359

Bloodlust Ball – featuring burlesque performances and sideshow oddities! DJ Jack spinning for your dancing pleasure. (hors d’ oeuvres will be served) http://www.paranormalbooksnj.com/Paranormal_Books/Bloodlust_Ball.html

For complete list of Asbury Park events visit http://www.cityofasburypark.com/controls/NewsFeed.aspx?FeedID=359

New York Events

Steampunk Haunted house featuring robotic spiders!
Abrons Art Center at Henry Street settlement – 466 Grand Street at Pitt Street  (Manhattan)
$20 admission $10 for students
Open from 6pm – 9:30 PM through Halloween


Take a short ride north and head to Sleepy Hollow NY for all day activities while you’re there tour the gravesite of the Headless Horseman! http://www.sleepyhollowny.gov/

NYC Halloween Parade possibly the last – almost didn’t happen this year even http://www.halloween-nyc.com/
Of course all the usual clubs will be holding their respective nights (Webster Hall, Don Hill, Pyramid) These club events aren’t free and often are more of the usual club night fair but certainly fun if you have your usual local “haunt” 😉

For the kids… Head over to Stuyvesant Town 18th and Ave A (Manhattan) They will be holding events all day all rated G family fun. Such as Dog costume parade, carnival for kids, horse carriage rides. (possibly the last time they will hold an event like this)

Happy Haunting vv

Halloween is just around the corner are you prepared to scare?!


Halloween is just around the corner are you prepared to scare?!

I am now taking appointments for Halloween makeup services. Whether you are looking for something quick and simple (yet gross and scary) or something a bit more extravagant and horrific I’m at your service.

Specializing in horror, zombie, old age, corpse, trauma, general death and decay!

Also available for

• kids face painting for parties
• latex and prosthetic application

Please RSVP ASAP as availability is going quickly.
Either way have a fantastically horrify Halloween!


iPhone woes…

The other day I dropped my brand new iPhone… wow is that screen delicate! the entire screen destroyed.
This is an iPhone 3g 8gb the one for $99 bucks. Here’s a warning! If you break your screen it’s going to cost you a lot to have it replaced.

What you aren’t told or not made clear is it’s only $99 ONE TIME WITH THE PURCHASE OF YOUR CONTRACT. It’s $400 – $500 to purchase the replacement!!!! Your other option is to have Apple repair it this will set you back $200!!!!!! so either way you are paying MORE than you paid for the phone in the first place! So lesson learned be extremely careful and or get yourself a really strong case for it.

I decided to replace the screen myself – after searching around this is what I found http://www.DirectFix.com they also provide video instructions for how to repair your device.

In the end this is still a rather expensive lesson to learn the hard way and most of you won’t consider doing the repair yourself but if you do decide to try it. This was the best deal I could find without resorting to ebay.

Initial Site Complete

The initial site is complete. This has been one of the more difficult and at the same time easiest sites I’ve designed. The design in my mind was already there the layout, the colors, the concept. At the same time the exact way those elements should look oddly enough eluded me. I knew I wanted a cinematic look with a letterbox layout. I knew I wanted the site to be on the darker side but not exactly all black. I have to thank my business partner and close friend for many years now, Chuck Figueroa, for helping me reach what I was after. I also have to thank my wife Sabina for writing the “About” page. Again I had a rough idea that probably rambled on too long and in too many directions. She really nailed what I was trying to say.

In the end I can say building a site for yourself has to be one of the most difficult processes. You know so exacting what you want you tend to over-obsess the details, failing to allow natural creativity to flow through. Without the help of my friends and family this site may not have turned out so perfect. I feel it reflects me and my personality for better or worse.

I invite you to check back now and then as the site much like my life is “a work in progress” I intend to add a full blow portfolio area and credits page over time. I will also be adding some video reels from work I have done. Last but not least I intend to post some visual “How To” articles on zombies, old age, latex use, etc.


A note about tutorials

In the near future I will be posting some quick tutorials on some simple make up effects you can use for your next low budget film shoot or even some Halloween fun! Please check back now and then for updates. If you have any suggestions or requests please feel free to contact me.

A Midsummer Nightmare May 22nd

Thrillist brings you A Midsummer Nightmare May 22nd
164 11th Ave, between 22nd and 23rd Manhattan NY

There are those among us who fervently wish that every day was Christmas. Those people are cowards. Get your off-season Halloween on, with the pants-wetting gore of A Midsummer Nightmare Haunted House.
See you there!