The other day I dropped my brand new iPhone… wow is that screen delicate! the entire screen destroyed.
This is an iPhone 3g 8gb the one for $99 bucks. Here’s a warning! If you break your screen it’s going to cost you a lot to have it replaced.

What you aren’t told or not made clear is it’s only $99 ONE TIME WITH THE PURCHASE OF YOUR CONTRACT. It’s $400 – $500 to purchase the replacement!!!! Your other option is to have Apple repair it this will set you back $200!!!!!! so either way you are paying MORE than you paid for the phone in the first place! So lesson learned be extremely careful and or get yourself a really strong case for it.

I decided to replace the screen myself – after searching around this is what I found they also provide video instructions for how to repair your device.

In the end this is still a rather expensive lesson to learn the hard way and most of you won’t consider doing the repair yourself but if you do decide to try it. This was the best deal I could find without resorting to ebay.