The initial site is complete. This has been one of the more difficult and at the same time easiest sites I’ve designed. The design in my mind was already there the layout, the colors, the concept. At the same time the exact way those elements should look oddly enough eluded me. I knew I wanted a cinematic look with a letterbox layout. I knew I wanted the site to be on the darker side but not exactly all black. I have to thank my business partner and close friend for many years now, Chuck Figueroa, for helping me reach what I was after. I also have to thank my wife Sabina for writing the “About” page. Again I had a rough idea that probably rambled on too long and in too many directions. She really nailed what I was trying to say.

In the end I can say building a site for yourself has to be one of the most difficult processes. You know so exacting what you want you tend to over-obsess the details, failing to allow natural creativity to flow through. Without the help of my friends and family this site may not have turned out so perfect. I feel it reflects me and my personality for better or worse.

I invite you to check back now and then as the site much like my life is “a work in progress” I intend to add a full blow portfolio area and credits page over time. I will also be adding some video reels from work I have done. Last but not least I intend to post some visual “How To” articles on zombies, old age, latex use, etc.