Zombie MakeupWelcome, lovers of horror, sci-fi & fellow special effects makeup aficionados.

If you’ve ever watched a film where the stars that shone the most brightly in your eyes were the walking dead with oozing sores, vampires that gushed blood from perfectly lipsticked mouths or aliens that conveyed just the right expression with the simple raise of an antenna, then you understand the importance of a good makeup artist.





Our crew is an East Coast (New York / New Jersey) based special effects makeup team.

Among us we have the collective talents to provide makeup artists & hairdressers and digital effects artists for screen, stage & photo. Providing special effects, both practical and digital for numerous film & stage productions. I am personally proud to be the go-to person in my community whether one needs help with Halloween makeup or a mixologist to create realistic looking blood for the set of an independent slasher film. We can make a 20-year-old look like a 70-year-old bald man or apply facial hair for a would-be bearded lady.


IMG_0001spotlight projects

  • Dorney Park Zombie Invasion Official Makeup Artists (Guinness record zombies on a roller coaster)
  • Party City 2011 Halloween Catalog
  • Next New Networks
  • 4 time Official Asbury Zombie Walk Makeup Artists(Guinness record worlds largest zombie gathering)
  • Doug Sakmann NYC Zombie Crawl Halloween
  • Phantom House Productions – Serial Mind

Not sure what it is you’re looking for? Contact us! tell us about your project, I’m sure we’ll see eye to oozing eye.